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Saudi Arabia Sentences 33 Islamists to Prison [ ok se salafiti sauditi hanno detto che gli islamici devono andare in prigione poi loro devono tutti essere imprigionativelocemente infatti loro sono tutti islamici nazisti! ] Eight years after their arrest a Riyadh court sentences 33 suspected Islamist terrorists to up to 30 years in prison.
tu hai lanciato la pietra terrorismo hamas ed ora tu non puoi nascondere la mano! tu sei una persona hamas nociva quindi tu devi essere deportato in Siria e ti devi assumere tutte le responsabilità di questa tua azione criminale! è impossibile vivere con la Sharia tutti i martiri cristiani decapitati hanno detto che...! ] Rocket Fire 'Hurts Unity Pact' Mahmoud Abbas Laments. PA condemns rocket fire - not as threat to 'Palestinian principles' or 'humanitarian ethics' - but to political stability.
6/11/2014 Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas condemned Wednesday's rocket fire from Gaza - not because of the threat to human or Israeli lives but because of the threat to the Hamas-Fatah unity pact and Palestinian Arab security. "The Palestinian factions intend to do all they can to keep the unity agreement that was signed in Egypt and in the understandings included in this agreement" Abbas stated. "This concerns the interests and security of the Palestinian people and we cannot give Israel an excuse to continue the attack on Gaza." Earlier Wednesday a Kassam rocket fired by terrorists in Gaza exploded in the Eshkol Regional Council area in the northwestern Negev. "Code red" sirens were sounded and no injuries or damage was reported as a result of the attack.
The rocket fell near a central highway by one of the communities in the region.
A spokesman for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu directly blamed Abbas for the rocket fire Wednesday. "Abbas is responsible and accountable for rockets that are fired at Israeli towns and cities by terrorists in the Gaza Strip" Ofir Gendelman wrote on Twitter. Chief spokesman Mark Regev called for the PA to disarm terrorists later Wednesday blaming Abbas for being in his words an enabler.
"Abbas claims that the new Palestinian government honors all previous commitments" Regev said. "So why has he not disarmed the terrorist organizations in Gaza as he is obligated to do?" Abbas has insisted that a 'unity' government would be based on what he called "the four Palestinian principles" recognizing Israel recognizing the terms of international agreements and the explicit rejection of violence and terrorism. On Tuesday Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon warned that Hamas is preparing for the next clash with Israel regardless of Abbas's insistence that he is committed to combating terrorism within the new PA. "Hamas signed the reconciliation pact from a position of disadvantage. It has no better alternative" Ya'alon said during a meeting with soldiers from the IDF's Gaza Division. "But make no mistakeHamas is preparing itself for a confrontation with Israel training forces and storing missiles and rockets. It already has thousands of missiles and rockets pointed towards Israel."

BENVENUTO Rivlin mio Presidente ] Peres Congratulates Rivlin on Victory. "You will be successful because you are to your core a good person" Peres tells the man who will succeed him. First Publish6/11/2014 President Shimon Peres on Tuesday evening called and congratulated Israel's President-Elect MK Reuven Rivlin who will take office at the end of July. "Rubi Your Excellency the next President of the State of Israel you are right for this role. It is a position that brings with it responsibility you have to consider your every word and every action but you will do it successfully because you are to your core a good person" Peres told Rivlin.
"There is a handover period and I am at your disposal from this moment onwards with whatever you need. My team and I will do everything we can to ensure the handover is conducted is honorably and professionally and we do it gladly" he added. "I am at the end of my seven-year term as President and it is an incredible privilege to serve to our people" Peres told Rivlin. "As President your role is to serve not to rule and in my eyes there is no greater honor than to faithfully serve your nation and your people. You have all the qualities to do just that. I wish you luck and I am confident that you will succeed in your future which is also the future of the State of Israel."
Iranian president Hassan RouhaniWe'll Do Our Best to Secure a Nuclear Deal "Iran is ready to sit at the negotiating table" says President Hassan Rouhani amid ongoing nuclear talks. By Arutz Sheva Staff First Publish6/11/2014 [[ se questi iraniani non comprendono che sono io UNIUS REI che sto dominando il mondo poi finiranno per morire come idioti IO HO GIà SALVATO LA LORO VITA UNA VOLTA NON LA SALVERò DI NUOVO UN ALTRA VOLTA! Se vogliono conservare il nucleare poi devono rinunciare alla sharia!
The Ancient Jewish Story Which Couldn't be Silenced [ la storia di Israele è la nostra più bella storia di amore! ] TUTTA LA PALESTINA IL DESERTO MADIANA IN ARABIA SAUDITA ED EGIZIANO FAKE SINAI APPARTIENE AGLI EBREI E TUTTI NOI SIAMO LORO OSPITI. POI SI SA L'OSPITE è SACRO! ] Defying pressure to cancel groundbreaking UNESCO exhibit on Jewish ties to Israel will launch today - and its creator has big hopes.First Publish6/11/2014 Courtesy of Prof. Robert Wistrich. An unprecedented exhibition showcasing the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel will finally go on display Wednesday evening at the Paris headquarters of the United Nations' cultural agency UNESCO - despite pressure by Arab states to have it cancelled altogether.
The exhibit entitled "People Book Land — The 3500 Year Relationship of the Jewish People to the Holy Land" was meant to have been launched back in January but was abruptly postponed after 22 Arab UN member-states claimed in a letter that it could "disrupt" the Israeli-Palestinian Authority peace negotiations. The UN agency controversially agreed but amid an international outcry (including criticism from Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu) and accusations of politically-motivated censorship stopped short of cancelling it outright. Instead UNESCO claimed that it needed extra time to revise "unresolved issues relating to potentially contestable textual and visual historical points" which certain member states could perceive as "endangering the peace process".
The display is a joint project of UNESCO and the Simon-Weisenthal Center and "tells the history of the Jewish People in the Middle East from the biblical patriarch Abraham to the present-day State of Israel" illustrating the indigenous status of Jews in Israel by showing "the uninterrupted presence of Jews in the land of Israel for nearly 3500 years and the fidelity of Jews to their original homeland through centuries of persecution both in Israel and abroad."
Speaking to Arutz Sheva Professor Robert Wistrich who created and helped design the exhibit says he sees the launch today as a triumph against political pressure and attempts to rewrite history for political reasons.
On the one hand Wistrich who is an award-winning author Hebrew University lecturer and the Head of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism said he simply felt relieved to have finally succeeded against the odds in bringing his work to the public.
Speaking shortly before a scheduled meeting with French President Francois Hollande just hours before the exhibit was scheduled to be opened by UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova he said his excitement at finally reaching the launch day was "difficult to digest after the marathon we've had in the last two years." But the controversy surrounding it may have been a blessing in disguise with organizers expecting a sellout crowd. "At least 400 people are expected to attend - I don't know how they'll fit into the room" Wistrich chuckles. "It's just a tremendous sense of relief that all the work put into it is going to finally bear fruit."
"Political hot-potato"
Despite UNESCO's guarantee to go ahead this month Professor Wistrich says it was far from a done deal given the concerted effort by Arab states and anti-Israel lobbyists to cancel it altogether. Arab states along with Palestinian Arab factions routinely deny the Jewish connection to the land of Israel which they commonly refer to as "Palestine" as part of attempts to cast the Jewish state as an "occupier" of ostensibly "Arab lands". Such a project spearheaded by an internationally-respected academic poses some very inconvenient challenges to that position. "This is a political hot potato anyone can understand that... so it's really a miracle that we've got to this point" Wistrich said. "Most people including in the foreign office and in Israel were convinced it would never happen... but we just stuck in there." Professor Wistrich adds that although he is not aware of any renewed effort to cancel the event this time "I imagine there must have been... I'm not naive." But he credits the high-profile and very public "storm of protest" over the controversial and last-minute decision to postpone the event "which didn't do the image of UNESCO any good" with forcing the UN agency to go ahead with it. "You can cancel or postpone once but to do so a second time is much tougher without a very good pretext.
"And there just wasn't one this time. You couldn't claim what was said in January that because of the delicate state of negotiations (it couldn't go ahead) - there are no negotiations now!" "In the end after the whole thing blew up UNESCO had to make a public commitment to this date in June. Once you have gone public and been so categorical it is much more difficult (to backtrack)."
It also helped that unlike in January the US government "got off the fence" and finally threw its support behind the exhibit and against attempts to silence it.
More honest discourse
Beneath the political intrigue - which Professor Wistrich would rather have done without - is a simple quest to salvage a sense of honesty and objectivity to the hyper-politicized Middle East narrative. He says he plans to "build on the momentum" of the high-profile event to push for a more honest discourse.
Interest in the exhibit has been registered internationally. Israel's Hebrew University where Professor Wistrich teaches Jewish History are particularly interested in hosting it; organizers are also hoping to take it to the UN's headquarters in New York and potentially to Washington D.C as well. And that's just the start.
"This is going to open a lot of doors to the Jewish and Israeli-Jewish narrative that nobody really has been willing to listen to before - specifically in international bodies of this kind - so in that sense it's a breakthrough... a significant moment" Wistrich says. "For me the most important thing is that this story of the Jewish people - its unique bond to the land of Israel which has been largely ignored written out of the record or downplayed by all sides - will now be taken more seriously."
"People will understand why we're here where we're going and what is the significance for the Jewish people and the rest of humantiy."
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Mosca è sconvolta dal compiacimento dell'Occidente per le azioni di Kiev] perché fare tanti morti per giungere SEMPRE E COMUNQUE ad una confederazione ucraina metre si poteva fare questo ugualmente in modo pacifico? è evidente QUESTA è UNA STRUMENTALIZZAZIONE USA CHE nel loro cinismo di satanisti massoni loro hanno BISOGNO DI UNA NUOVA GUERRA FREDDA TANTO ARTIFICIALE QUANTO INUTILE perché EUROPA NON AVRà MAI IN RUSSIA UN NEMICO! ] Il compiacimento dei Paesi occidentali dimostrato venerdì alla riunione del Consiglio di Sicurezza dell'ONU dà alle autorità di Kiev la sicurezza per l'impunità delle loro azioni ha dichiarato il rappresentante permanente della Russia presso l'organizzazione mondiale Vitaly Churkin. Ha esortato i protettori occidentali di Kiev ad ottenere una cessazione delle azioni militari sottolineando che nel caso contrario l'Ucraina non eviterà le gravi catastrofiche conseguenze.
USA Gran Bretagna e Francia non erano d'accordo con la Russia nella valutazione delle azioni di Kiev. Il rappresentante permanente del Regno Unito Mark Lyall Grant ha sostenuto che l'operazione delle truppe ucraine corrisponde agli sforzi di Kiev di garantire il primato del diritto e la sicurezza dei propri cittadini.

PREPARATI NAZI MERKEL ANCHE TU CON LA TUA TROIKA ROTHSCHID FISCAL COMPACT ANCHE TU SARAI TROVATA ANCHE IN FONDO ALL'INFERNO! ] Avakov sarà trovato "anche in fondo all'oceano". I colpevoli di gravi crimini di guerra nella parte orientale dell'Ucraina dovranno rispondere delle loro responsabilità noi "li troveremo anche in fondo all'oceano" dovranno rispondere della responsabilità morale politica e penale ha detto il presidente del Comitato investigativo della Russia Aleksandr Bastrykin. Ha promesso di punire sia i responsabili ordinari che "i dirigenti come Avakov" capo ad interim del Ministero degli Affari Interni ucraino.
Alla fine di maggio il Comitato investigativo ha aperto un procedimento penale per l'uso di mezzi e metodi vietati nel corso dell'operazione punitiva nelle regioni di Donetsk e di Lugansk. Il Comitato investigativo creato un ufficio speciale per indagare i crimini internazionali commessi in Ucraina. [[ Lugansk incendio nella fabbrica di cartucce ]] Nel centro di Lugansk nella fabbrica di cartucce si è verificato un incendio. Ora sull'impianto si leva un fumo denso. Si stanno chiarendo la causa e le dimensioni dell'incendio. Non ci sono informazioni su vittime e feriti. L'impianto produce attrezzature per la produzione di munizioni. Inoltre produce munizioni per armi da fuoco da caccia e armi sportive. L'azienda ha spiegato che l'incendio è avvenuto nell'edificio non funzionante. Non c'è p ericolo della diffusione del fuoco e delle esplosioni.

Obama Moderate Terrorist Biden

Obama Moderate Terrorist Biden
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