natural law, and free will,

I am an political, for universal brotherhood: Unius REI.
my ministry UNIVERSAL: and metaphysical. For natural law, and free will, IS on:
I am an political, for universal brotherhood: unius REI. my ministry UNIVERSAL: and metaphysical. For natural law, and free will, I am the political project of the King of Israel, for Achieve the Kingdom of Palestine, and then, put to end the abomination of the Masonic State of Israel, with its: 666 Star of Rothschild, on his flag, Which is the IMF -NWO, FED ECB, Bildenberg, etc. .. ie, all occult, illicit: power, That, is cult, of the bohemian grove owl god, ie, Baal Peor ... Unfortunately, in the Kingdom of God, we have to punish Decided: you: SV, all your Your, and fraudulent usurpers, Ministers of your people, for le following reasons. [Drink your poison, made by yourself]
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@ All Governments for your corrupt ideology, and religion, and silence, omerta? [Every 5 minutes: a Christian is killed innocent, and too many: others, horrors are committed: in the world, why, you have made: of yourself, the accomplice Mason: of banking seigniorage]. Because: you did not know, That, the Pharisees of the IMF, were Satanists? (also: Jesus of Bethlehem, said, that)] soon, you'll be crushed, by all wrath of God: YHWH! have stabbed you, the people behind him, and, in fact, for you, the banking seigniorage, there is no: in publicly, then, how many people have been forced to commit suicide, Because Of You? how many lives have been broken? I know, I decided to do harm, to all of you, this week, and until the end, is for your, complete destruction! I am: king Israel, unius REI. CSPBCSSML NDSMDV RSNSMVSMQLIVB. [Drink your poison, made by yourself]
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@ All Governments have you spit, against: your people, your Constitution, the Cross of Jesus Christ, of Bethlehem, for have given: to Rothschild IMF: 666, our, seigniorage banking. as, you have earned, on it, you also, for having sold, treacherously, the innocent blood of your people? I have sworn upon, the throne of God, against you, because, your infamy, can not fall, on the person: of YHWH, who is Holy.
@ Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.. ie, 50 criminal islamic terrorist Nationas, of course, we are aware of the fact, That you do not have, the same problems, of Egypt, in fact, you have kill Christians, almost all, already. @ My YHWH it is so sad for me to be, even me: unius REI, forced: to do evil, to all criminals: in all the world. king Israel unius REI. CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQLIVB. @ All the rich it's your fault, if, I am forced: to mistreat, who is: Holy, Holy, Holy, YHWH, infinitely holy, it's your fault, if in the morning,
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I'm so demoralized, That, I do not want, to get out, of my bed .. here's what, I unius Rei, I decided to do against: you, in the name of Jesus, "you will enter: in your infirmity, and tribulation, and then, you'll have to go down, to hell, so relentless ! " @ IhateNEWlayout, big master youtube staff, at least for you, That you are the most important leader of youtube, you are Granted the privilege of being atto get out of Satanism, without being killed you? or, without, being punished through your family: for do harm: at your sons? [Christians are not Europeans] A typical example was the: episode: Rocco Buttiglione. He was deemed unfit: for: to serve in the European Commission: just why: he had "dared" to Say That, in good conscience, Followed The Catholic doctrine: in terms of: homosexuality. we must be against the: European Union.
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not, integrated ourselves into this, evil abomination: occult masonic European Community, from banking seigniorage, that: step: to step, approaches the condition of: 666 super-power: another empire IMF 666 micro-chip. for the danger: to claim for Europe: to Achieve the status of: super-power: for antichrist Zapatero, and, prior to having a much better idea of ​​the: his own identity: and: values, that: will form the basis of: this union. Currently, the only values ​​that: the EU Seems to want to defend, are: those, only laicists, gay pride, animal sex, incest, etc. .. the polar opposite of: this, that: instead would be an: Europe founded, on the Christian roots. [SYRIA: that: tragic will happen to Christians: also: in Syria?] February 2013.: And: Syria "from the frying pan, into the fire of the Salafis, exterminators of: all diversity.". here, Because also: an: the opposition, has Offered talks with: the regime. is: likely, unfortunately, that:
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the: initiative taken by Moaz al-Khatib, a leader of the National Coalition opposition, is hindered, Saudi Arabia: for: its dirty imperialist interests, That Is, That now the fake civil war, that: is: an: War of: aggression, of the: Arab League to last Long, also: why Assad is conducting an: War of: attrition, using aviation: and: artillery: and: saving, his forces in the field . So the slaughter continues. Assad, in fact, he repeated: "Syria is: everything is: the work of: terrorists, supported by foreign powers." [SYRIA: that: tragic will happen to Christians: also: in Syria?] It is essential to the Forces Involved That, above all, the external supporters of: all the warring factions (the various imperialisms), put aside Their Particular interests, : and: for: stop the massacre (they remembered, of: not: be more thirsty beasts: of: blood: and: of: booty) under the blessing of the: IMF.: and: then you must seek the best possible compromise .
Israel is not only, of the Jews, but Israel belongs: at every free man, and, for every man slave, who wants to be free. Israel: the last battle before: that: Satan, can become, "all in all". That is, that the Pharisees of IMF: have planned. That is, before that, the empire occult,of all the powers Masonic Trilateral Bildenberg, etc. .. IMF 666 NWO (microchip, abductions aliens, zombies, etc. .. human sacrifices on the altar of Satan) is why, must happen, the Third World War, which was planned, just to destroy Israel, and so, their power political, can finally be revealed: clearly, which is why the survival of Israel. It is the last battle, that can be done, again, by us, to protect: the freedom, in all the World, that's why I'm ruining the lives of many people, in a supernatural way. and if the evangelization had been my goal? I would never have made ​​the political: ie lorenzojhwh the king of Israel, Unius REI, one King, for one World

In fact, I kill to defend the kingdom of Israel/Palestine, because those, who kill one innocent? then, kill, even Israel, that is, the very future of mankind [ie. The Kingdom of Palestine], (against: all the false democracies Masonic of seigniorage banking: how, even against: the abomination, of: same State Masonic, of: Israel) then, to think that I'm defending Christianity only?, Is the action misleading, who, dishonestly, want to appear, the my intervention, such as a religious act, and not, as an act, of: universal political:for the universal brotherhood. but, this is true, Christianity: it is a part, of the great fruitful, of Jewish civilization, born from the testimony: historical: of Israel, as, all: the chariot wheels of the army of Pharaoh? are still at the bottom of the sea, and in single file, testify, in mode archaeological,the historical truth of: 10 plagues of Egypt, and the authentic historicity:of all the Bible itself.

the exodus, totally, yeah, it was: demonstrated archaeologically, all the authenticity of the faith of the people of Israel throughout its history (the Bible) in which: is living, God, living, who said: "God, living, who said: "I ​​am and: always, i will be, and, I always will be!" Ie YHWH.. So, it is not my fault, if the Christian religion is the most persecuted religion: in the world, both in the East, which, like: even in the West, because persecute Jesus Christ in Bethlehem (who: did not done: hurt, to anyone), it means: to show the top: the big truth, about man: that is the Christianity (and from the point of view, cultural? was, the one place where it was possible do, human rights) . So, all those who are against Christ (ie power religious of all religions, and secularists) they are, like, the Antichrist Zapatero and the EU, for having prevented the manifestation of the Kingdom of God, which I am his political expression, unius REI
lorenzoALLAH said: all, Satanists, ie, all political, rich, Islamists, Pharisees Illuminati: for banking seigniorage, ie all 666: IMF FED ECB. All Masons, Bildenberg, ie, all 322, and all those who pursue, an ideological agenda for imperialism, etc.. all the sons of dogs, snakes and scorpions, come to me and do not hinder them, because of them: is the abyss of hell! you're not: cold (bad) and, no even hot (good) .. here's why: "I am going to vomit you out: of my mouth!", "saith the Lord!" I do mourn the criminals only, and, also, I make everyone laugh ones: that God has decided to give mercy. I promised to God, to do harm to you: so, in mode supernatural, for the following reasons, but, a person, without, a scientific theological training: adequate, is an person perverse, motivated by selfishness criminal: ignorant, and, then, have not: ancient experience of life,and, noble values?then, in his religious fervor (that is, also, for demonstration of loyalty to God)? ok! this person will become, inevitably the victim of the most dangerous demon (ambiguous) of religion (then also evolution is religion). All those: that: they believe: how, to manifest his religion (as, a tool)that, is indispensable for the salvation of the people, they commit an idolatry and blasphemy: against: the holiness of God, as well as:the ruin: and, the serenity of own existence and ruin the lives of too many: innocent people. but, when religion coincides: with: the national identity: the non-religious(for his criminal attitude) is transformed into Satan, the traitor, who, it is essential must, of be kill. but, for the survival of the human race, it is essential that each state should be secular, And that no religion, can do the attribution to Himself of the salvation of souls, is why, salvation, about, eternal life, is, only of God: is, only an his decision, about, the eternal life, in fact, That is: just, true, Theological Salvation is only one divine prerogatives! no more, no honest person, must suffer on this planet, because, of his political, or religious beliefs!
to have the mortgage with the banks, but the recession has led many people to lose Their jobs or earn less, so there is less liquidity, in turn (ie less money) many tenants do not pay my rent, ... , But, the situation of too many people Became desperate, the international monetary system is the cause of all this, and, not the corruption of politicians. I am Unius REI, ie, kingdom of God: in political mode, I am the new "International Monetary Fund", owned by all Governments (for the salvation of Israel, and of the whole human race) and not more: owned by Criminal, Rothschild 666, ie, the Pharisee satanic, for becoming, all his slaves! because he is not happy to sell the interest (which the Bible condemns: and in this crime?, he did all the peoples his servants), but, he also sells: money created, from nothing: the banking seigniorage, pure satanism of Baal Peor MArduk: gods owl idolatry and blasfemy: that is, a sin of murder, genocide, that the Bible does not contemplate why: this our situation today? is a real legal slavery:ie, the betrayal of Freemasonry! is why, I ordered, to saint angels, of killing, all my enemies, here, because my kingdom can not be stopped by anyone!

02/16/2013 10:30
Fayoum: Islamic extremists attack Coptic church, wounding pastor
A crowd, incited by a Salafi leader, attacked the church of Saint Georgas. The Cross on the dome destroyed, part of the interior and the sacred images devastated. The police witnessed the violence, but did not intervene. Fr. Domadios saved by a Muslim family. In recent months, extremists had opened a hole in the wall to "monitor" his activities.
Cairo (AsiaNews / Agencies)  A mob, incited by local Salafi fringe, threw stones and set fire to the church of St. Georgas in the village of Sarsena, Tamiya District, in the Egyptian province of Fayoum, about 103 km south-west of Cairo. According to sources of the Assyrian International News Agency (Aina), the attack took place yesterday evening and caused damage, particularly to the dome of the place of Christian worship. The attack destroyed the towering cross on top of the building, and many of the icons and sacred images inside.
The local Salafist fringe lead the attack against the Copts, pitting the Muslims against the community, branding the church as "illegal", because it is close to an area inhabited by Muslims and "for this reason has to be removed." They are imposing the demolition of the building and have prevented the priest, Father Domadios from entering. Some witnesses reported that the scene was also attended by police, who did nothing to prevent the violence.
The church of St. Georgas was built in the mid-80s and is a point of encounter and prayer for 200 Coptic families. About three months ago, some Muslims made a hole in the wall, to "monitor" the activities of Christians. Yesterday the priest's attempts at mediation proved worthless.  He was joined by the local police chief, who arrived on site to try to find an agreement between the parties.
Firm in their positions, hundreds of Islamic extremists  in front of the police  started throwing stones at the church. The attackers injured  not seriously  some Copts and Father Domadios, who managed to flee to safety with the help of a Muslim family aboard their car.

About World Watch List
The World Watch List (WWL) is a ranking of 50 countries where persecution of Christians for religious reasons is worst. First of all, the list covers persecution of Christians of all denominations in the entire country. The focus is on persecution for their faith, not persecution for political, economic, social, ethnic or accidental reasons.
About Open Doors
Open Doors works in the most oppressive countries, strengthening persecuted Christians to stand strong and equipping them to shine Christ's light in these dark places.

Where other Christian organizations cannot enter or have been forced to flee, Open Doors can be found  supplying Bibles, training Christian leaders, developing Christian communities and ensuring prayer, presence and advocacy for persecuted Christians.

1.North Korea
3.Saudi Arabia
13.Northern Nigeria
33.Burma (Myanmar)
37.United Arab Emirates
44.Palestinian Territories

for what I know of my faith: of political universal?
I have done you harm, because, nothing you have done, as, in mode appropriate, to report the crime of Satanism, which is the bank seigniorage, and that, is it, that, will soon bring mankind to World War III

Aborigeni d'Australia
Akrotiri e Dhekelia
Alleanza dei Popoli della Cordigliera
Antigua e Barbuda
Antille Olandesi
Arabia Saudita
Arcipelago della Foresta del Nord
Arcipelago Multi-Oceanico delle Micronazioni Unite
Area delle colline di Chittagong
Ark Maramia
Atollo di Johnston
Atollo di Palmyra
Azerbaigian del Sud
Balochistan Occidentale
Baronato Sovrano di Caux
Bassas da India
Bosnia ed Herzegovina
Burkina Faso
Camerun del Sud
Cape Verde
Commonwealth Imperiale dell'Impero dei Beni di Dewaco
Comunità Formori
Congo (Brazaville)
Congo (Kinshasa)
Corea del Nord
Corea del Sud
Costa d'Avorio
Costa Rica
Dipendenza della Corona di Forvik
Dominio della Florida Occidentale Britannica
Dominio di Melchizedek
Ducato di Bohemia
El Salvador
Emirati Arabi Uniti
Federazione Libera di Alpasyria
Gilgit Baltistan
Gran Ducato di Avram
Gran Ducato di Greifenberg
Gran Ducato di Westarctica
Grande Commonwealth della Democrazia Ibrosiana
Guernsey (Isola del Canale)
Guiana Francese
Guinea Equatoriale
Hong Kong
Impero Aericano
Impero di Atlantium
Impero di Hesperia
Impero di Redonda
Isola Baker
Isola Bouvet
Isola Clipperton
Isola del Natale
Isola di Man
Isola Europa
Isola Howland
Isola Jarvis
Isola Juan de Nova
Isola Navassa
Isola Norfolk
Isola Tromelin
Isola Wake
Isole Åland
Isole Ashmore e Cartier
Isole Cayman
Isole Cocos
Isole Cook
Isole del Mar dei Coralli
Isole Falkland – Malvine
Isole Faroe
Isole Georgia del Sud e Sandwich del Sud
Isole Glorioso
Isole Heard e McDonald
Isole Marianne del Nord
Isole Marshall
Isole Midway
Isole Paracel
Isole Pitcairn
Isole Solomone
Isole Spratly
Isole Svalbard e Jan Mayen
Isole Turk e Caicos
Isole Vergini Britanniche
Isole Vergini Stati Uniti
Isole Wallis e Futuna
Kalahui Hawaii
Khmer Krom
Kurdistan Iracheno
Kurdistan Iraniano
Long Island Indipendente
Minoranza Greca d'Albania
Minoranza Ungherese in Romania
Molucche del Sud
Mongolia Interna
Nazione Dene Buffalo River
Nazione di Yan
Nuova Caledonia
Nuova Zelanda
Papua Nuova Guinea
Polinesia Francese
Porto Rico
Principato di Hutt River
Principato di Minerva
Principato di New Utopia
Principato di Sealand
Principato di Seborga
Principato di Vikesland
Principato di Wy
Regni Reali di Elgaland-Vargaland
Regno di Apiya
Regno di Araucania e Patagonia
Regno di Castrigia
Regno di Elleore
Regno di EnenKio
Regno di Jirmania
Regno di Lovely
Regno di Marduk
Regno di Redonda
Regno di Romkerhall
Regno di Talossa
Regno di TorHavn
Regno di Twochairs
Regno Unito
Rehoboth Basters
Repubblica Ceca
Repubblica Cecena di Ichkeria
Repubblica Centro Africana
Repubblica della Conchiglia
Repubblica Democratica di Bobalania
Repubblica di Alanland
Repubblica di Gemnoviag
Repubblica di Molossia
Repubblica di Saugeais
Repubblica di Talossa
Repubblica Dominicana
Sacro Impero di Reunion
Sahara Occidentale
Saint Kitts e Nevis
Saint Pierre e Miquelon
Samoa Americane
San Marino
San Vicente e Grenadine
Santa Lucia
Sao Tome e Principe
Scoglio Kingman
Sierra Leone
Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta
Sri Lanka
State of Sabotage
Stati Uniti d'America
Stato Karenni
Sud Africa
Sud Ossezia
Tatari di Crimea
Terre australi e antartiche francesi
Territorio britannico dell'oceano Indiano
Timor Est
Trinidad e Tobago
Turkestan Orientale
Turkmenistan Iracheno
  Città del Vaticano (attraverso la Santa Sede);
 Palestina (attraverso l'Organizzazione per la Liberazione della Palestina)
1 ex membro dell'ONU:  Taiwan (riconosciuto da 22 stati membri ONU più il Vaticano, intrattiene rapporti dissimulati con la generalità della comunità internazionale[2]).
Sono inoltre presenti 8 paesi che, vantando sovranità territoriale, hanno dichiarato la propria indipendenza ottenendo limitato o nessun riconoscimento internazionale:

4 con riconoscimento minoritario:
 Abcasia (riconosciuto da 6 stati membri ONU: la Russia, il Nicaragua, il Venezuela, Nauru, Vanuatu e Tuvalu);
 Cipro del Nord (riconosciuto solo dalla Turchia);[3]
 Kosovo (riconosciuto da 98 stati membri ONU (dicembre 2012) più Taiwan e il Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta);
 Ossezia del Sud (riconosciuto da 5 stati membri ONU: la Russia, il Nicaragua, il Venezuela, Nauru e Tuvalu);
4 senza nessun riconoscimento di membri ONU:
 Transnistria (riconosciuto solo da Abcasia ed Ossezia del Sud);
Esistono poi 2 entità a cui è accordato lo status di osservatore ONU ma che non possono essere considerate stati in quanto difettano dell'effettivo o del sovrano controllo del proprio territorio:

 Sahara Occidentale (Repubblica Democratica Araba Sahraui)
Arabo: الجمهورية العربية الصحراوية الديمقراطية Al-Jumhūrīya al-`Arabīya as-Sahrāwīya ad-Dīmuqrātīya (riconosciuta da 49 stati membri ONU);
 Sovrano Militare Ordine di Malta
Italiano: Sovrano Militare Ordine Ospedaliero di San Giovanni di Gerusalemme di Rodi e di Malta (riconosciuto da 100 stati membri ONU più il Vaticano).
Esistono infine una serie di micronazioni, cioè entità create da una persona, o da un piccolo numero di persone, alcune delle quali pretendono di essere considerate stati indipendenti, ma che tuttavia non sono riconosciute dai governi e dalle maggiori organizzazioni internazionali; il più piccolo di questi è il cosiddetto Principato di Sealand.

 Elenchi correlati  [modifica]Per un elenco dei territori dipendenti da altri stati o occupati si veda la voce elenco dei territori dipendenti.
Per un elenco delle entità autonome si veda la voce lista di entità autonome.
Per una suddivisione geografica si veda la voce stati per continente.
Per l'elenco delle categorie di ogni stato si veda la categoria stati.

 Afghanistan (Repubblica Islamica dell'Afghanistan)
Pashtun: د افغانستان اسلامي جمهوریت De Afġānistān Islāmī Jomhoriyat
Persiano: افغانستان – جمهوری اسلامی افغانستان Afġānestān – Jomhūrī-ye Eslāmī-ye Afġānistān
 Albania (Repubblica di Albania)
Albanese: Shqipëria – Republika e Shqipërisë
 Algeria (Repubblica Popolare Democratica Algerina)
Arabo: الجزائر – الجمهورية الجزائرية الديمقراطية الشعبية Al-Jazā'ir – Al-Jumhūrīyah al-Jazā’irīyah ad-Dīmuqrāţīyah ash-Sha`bīyah
 Andorra (Principato di Andorra)
Catalano: Andorra – Principat d’Andorra
 Angola (Repubblica Popolare dell'Angola)
Portoghese: Angola – República de Angola
 Antigua e Barbuda (Antigua e Barbuda)
Inglese: Antigua and Barbuda
                    Arabia Saudita (Regno dell'Arabia Saudita)
Arabo: العربية السعودية – المملكة العربيّة السّعوديّة Al-ʿArabiyyah as-Saʿūdiyyah – Al-Mamlakah al-'Arabiyyah as-Sa'ūdiyyah
 Argentina (Repubblica Argentina)
Spagnolo: Argentina – República Argentina
 Armenia (Repubblica di Armenia)
Armeno: Հայաստան – Հայաստանի Հանրապետություն Hayastan – Hayastani Hanrapetut'yun
 Australia (Commonwealth dell'Australia)
Inglese: Australia – Commonwealth of Australia
 Austria (Repubblica d'Austria)
Tedesco: Österreich – Republik Österreich
 Azerbaigian (Repubblica dell'Azerbaigian)
Azero: Azərbaycan – Azərbaycan Respublikası
 Bahamas (Commonwealth delle Bahamas)
Inglese: The Bahamas – Commonwealth of The Bahamas
 Bahrain (Regno del Bahrain)
Arabo: البحرين – مملكة البحرين al-Baḥrayn – Mamlakat al-Baḥrayn
 Bangladesh (Repubblica Popolare del Bangladesh)
Bengalese: বাংলাদেশ – গণপ্রজাতন্ত্রী বাংলাদেশ Banglādeś – Gônoprojatontri Banglādeś
Inglese: Barbados
 Belgio (Regno del Belgio)
Olandese: België – Koninkrijk België
Francese: Belgique – Royaume de Belgique
Tedesco: Belgien – Königreich Belgien
Inglese: Belize
 Benin (Repubblica del Benin)
Francese: Bénin – République du Bénin
 Bhutan (Regno del Bhutan)
Dzongkha: འབྲུག་ཡུལ – འབྲུག་ རྒྱལ་ཁབ་ Druk Yul – Druk Gyal-khab
 Bielorussia (Repubblica di Bielorussia)
Bielorusso: Беларусь – Рэспубліка Беларусь Bjelarúś – Respublika Bjelarúś
Russo: Белоруссия – Республика Беларусь Belorussija – Respublika Belarus
                    Bolivia (Repubblica di Bolivia)
Spagnolo: Bolivia – República de Bolivia
Quechua: Bulibiya – Bulibiya Mama Llaqta
Aymara: Wuliwya – Wuliwya Suyu
 Bosnia ed Erzegovina
Bosniaco e Croato: Bosna i Hercegovina
Serbo: Босна и Херцеговина / Bosna i Hercegovina
 Botswana (Repubblica del Botswana)
Tswana: Botswana – Lefatshe la Botswana
Inglese: Botswana – Republic of Botswana
 Brasile (Repubblica Federale del Brasile)
Portoghese: Brasil – República Federativa do Brasil
 Brunei (Stato del Brunei, Dimora della Pace)
Malay: Brunei – Negara Brunei Darussalam
 Bulgaria (Repubblica di Bulgaria)
Bulgaro: България – Република България Bălgarija – Republika Bălgarija
 Burkina Faso
Francese: Burkina Faso
 Burundi (Repubblica del Burundi)
Kirundi: Uburundi – Republika y'Uburundi
Francese: Burundi – République du Burundi
 Cambogia (Regno della Cambogia)
Cambogiano: កម្ពុជា - ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រ កម្ពុជា Kampuchea – Preah Reachea Nachakr Kampuchea
 Camerun (Repubblica del Camerun)
Francese: Cameroun – République du Cameroun
Inglese: Cameroon – Republic of Cameroon
Inglese e Francese: Canada
 Capo Verde (Repubblica di Capo Verde)
Portoghese: Cabo Verde – República de Cabo Verde
 Ciad (Repubblica del Ciad)
Francese: Tchad – République du Tchad
Arabo: تشاد – جمهوريّة تشاد Tašād – Jumhūriyyat Tašād
 Cile (Repubblica del Cile)
Spagnolo: Chile – República de Chile
 Cina (Repubblica Popolare Cinese)
Cinese: 中国 – 中华人民共和国 Zhōngguó – Zhōnghuá Rénmín Gònghéguó
 Cipro (Repubblica di Cipro)
Greco: Κυπρος – Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία Kypros – Kipriakí Dimokratía
Turco: Kıbrıs – Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti
 Colombia (Repubblica di Colombia)
Spagnolo: Colombia – República de Colombia
                     Comore (Unione delle Comore)
Komori: Komori – Udzima wa Komori
Francese: Comores – Union des Comores
Arabo: القمر - اتحاد القمر Al-Qumur – Ittihād al-Qumur
 Repubblica del Congo
Francese: Congo – République du Congo
 Repubblica Democratica del Congo
Francese: Congo – République Démocratique du Congo
 Corea del Nord (Repubblica Democratica Popolare di Corea)
Coreano: 조선 – 조선민주주의인민공화국 Chosŏn – Chosŏn Minjujuŭi Inmin Konghwaguk
 Corea del Sud (Repubblica di Corea)
Coreano: 한국 – 대한민국 Hanguk – Daehan Minguk
 Costa d'Avorio (Repubblica della Costa d'Avorio)
Francese: Côte d'Ivoire – République de Côte d'Ivoire
 Costa Rica (Repubblica di Costa Rica)
Spagnolo: Costa Rica – República de Costa Rica
 Croazia (Repubblica di Croazia)
Croato: Hrvatska – Republika Hrvatska
 Cuba (Repubblica di Cuba)
Spagnolo: Cuba – República de Cuba
Danimarca (Regno di Danimarca)
Danese: Danmark – Kongeriget Danmark
                   Dominica (Commonwealth di Dominica)
Inglese: Dominica – Commonwealth of Dominica
  Ecuador (Repubblica dell'Ecuador)
Spagnolo: Ecuador – República del Ecuador
 Egitto (Repubblica Araba d'Egitto)
Arabo: مصر – جمهوريّة مصرالعربيّة Mişr – Jumhūriyyat Mişr al-`Arabiyyah
 El Salvador (Repubblica di El Salvador)
Spagnolo: El Salvador – República de El Salvador
 Emirati Arabi Uniti
Arabo: الإمارات العربيّة المتّحدة Al-Imārāt Al-`Arabiyyah Al-Muttahidah
Tigrino:Ertra – Hagere Ertra
Arabo: إرتريا – دولة إرتريا Iritriyā – Dawlat Iritriyā
Estone: Eesti – Eesti Vabariik
 Etiopia (Repubblica Democratica Federale d'Etiopia)
Amarico:  Ityop'iya – Ityop'iya Federalawi Demokrasiyawi Ripeblik
Figi (Repubblica delle Isole Figi)
Figiano: Viti – Matanitu Tu-Vaka-i-koya ko Viti
Inglese: Fiji – Republic of the Fiji Islands
Hindustani:[4] फ़िजी / فِجی – फ़िजी गणराज्य / فِجی رپبلک/Fijī – Fijī Ripablik[5]
 Filippine (Repubblica delle Filippine)
Filippino: Pilipinas – Republika ng Pilipinas
Inglese: Philippines – Republic of the Philippines
                    Finlandia (Repubblica di Finlandia)
Finlandese: Suomi – Suomen Tasavalta
Svedese: Finland – Republiken Finland
 Francia (Repubblica Francese)
Francese: France – République française
  Gabon (Repubblica Gabonese)
Francese: Gabon – République Gabonaise
 Gambia (Repubblica del Gambia)
Inglese: The Gambia – Republic of The Gambia
Georgiano: საქართველო Sak’art’velo
 Germania (Repubblica Federale di Germania)
Tedesco: Deutschland – Bundesrepublik Deutschland
 Ghana (Repubblica del Ghana)
Inglese: Ghana – Republic of Ghana
Inglese: Jamaica
Giapponese: 日本 – 日本国 Nihon/Nippon – Nihon-koku/Nippon-koku
 Gibuti (Repubblica di Gibuti)
Francese: Djibouti – République de Djibouti
Arabo: جيبوتي – جمهورية جيبوتي Jībūtī – Jumhūrīyat Jībūtī
                  Giordania (Regno Hascemita di Giordania)
Arabo: الاردن – المملكة الأردنّيّة الهاشميّة Al-Urdunn – Al-Mamlakah al-Urdunniyyah al-Hāshimiyyah
Greco: Ελλάδα – Ελληνική Δημοκρατία Elláda – Ellinikí Dimokratía
Inglese: Grenada
 Guatemala (Repubblica del Guatemala)
Spagnolo: Guatemala – República de Guatemala
 Guinea (Repubblica di Guinea)
Francese: Guinée – République de Guinée
 Guinea-Bissau (Repubblica di Guinea-Bissau)
Portoghese: Guiné-Bissau – República da Guiné-Bissau
 Guinea Equatoriale (Repubblica della Guinea Equatoriale)
Spagnolo: Guinea Ecuatorial – Républica de Guinea Ecuatorial
 Guyana (Repubblica Cooperativa della Guyana)
Inglese: Guyana – Co-operative Republic of Guyana

 H  [modifica] Haiti (Repubblica di Haiti)
Francese: Haïti – République d'Haïti
Haitiano Creolo: Ayiti – Repiblik dAyiti
                                 Honduras (Repubblica dell'Honduras)
Spagnolo: Honduras – República de Honduras
 India (Repubblica dell'India)
Hindi: भारत – भारत गणराज्य Bhārat – Bhārat Ganarājya
Inglese: India – Republic of India
 Indonesia (Repubblica dell'Indonesia)
Indonesiano: Indonesia – Republik Indonesia
 Iran (Repubblica Islamica dell'Iran)
Persiano: ایران – جمهوری اسلامی ایران Īrān – Jomhūri-ye Eslāmi-ye Īrān
 Iraq (Repubblica dell'Iraq)
Arabo: العراق – جمهورية العراق Al-ʿIrāq – Jumhūrīyat Al-`Irāq
Curdo: عێراق – كۆماری عێراق ʿÎraq – Komara `Îraqê
 Irlanda (Repubblica d'Irlanda)
Irlandese: Éire
Inglese: Ireland
                    Islanda (Repubblica d'Islanda)
Islandese: Ísland – Lýðveldið Ísland
 Isole Marshall (Repubblica delle Isole Marshall)
Marshallese: Aorōkin M̧ajeļ – Aolepān Aorōkin M̧ajeļ
Inglese: Marshall Islands – Republic of the Marshall Islands
 Isole Salomone
Inglese: Solomon Islands
 Israele (Stato d'Israele)
Ebraico: ישראל – מדינת ישראל Yisra'el – Medinat Yisra'el
Arabo: اسرائيل – دولة اسرائيل Isrā'īl – Dawlat Isrā'īl
 Italia (Repubblica Italiana)
Italiano: Italia – Repubblica Italiana
   Kazakistan (Repubblica del Kazakistan)
Kazako: Қазақстан – Қазақстан Республикасы Qazaqstan – Qazaqstan Respūblīkasy
 Kenya (Repubblica del Kenya)
Inglese: Kenya – Republic of Kenya
Swahili: Kenya – Jamhuri ya Kenya
 Kirghizistan (Repubblica del Kirghizistan)
Kirghizo: Кыргызстан – Кыргыз Республикасы Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyz Respublikasy
Russo: Кыргызстан – Кыргызская республика Kyrgyzstan – Kyrgyzskaja respublika
                    Kiribati (Repubblica di Kiribati)
Gilbertese: Kiribati – Ribaberikin Kiribati
Inglese: Kiribati – Republic of Kiribati
 Kuwait (Stato del Kuwait)
Arabo: الكويت – دولة الكويت Al-Kuwayt – Dawlat al-Kuwayt
  Laos (Repubblica Popolare Democratica del Laos)
Laotiano:  Lao – Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao
 Lesotho (Regno del Lesotho)
Inglese: Lesotho – Kingdom of Lesotho
Sotho: Lesotho – Mmuso wa Lesotho
 Lettonia (Repubblica di Lettonia)
Lettone: Latvija – Latvijas Republika
 Libano (Repubblica Libanese)
Arabo: لبنان – الجمهوريّة البنانيّة Lubnān – Al-Jumhūriyyah al-Lubnāniyyah
 Liberia (Repubblica di Liberia)
Inglese: Liberia – Republic of Liberia
                    Libia (Stato della Libia)
Arabo: دولة ليبيا
 Liechtenstein (Principato del Liechtenstein)
Tedesco: Liechtenstein – Fürstentum Liechtenstein
 Lituania (Repubblica di Lituania)
Lituania: Lietuva – Lietuvos Respublika
 Lussemburgo (Granducato di Lussemburgo)
Lussemburghese: Lëtzebuerg – Groussherzogdem Lëtzebuerg
Francese: Luxembourg – Grand-Duché du Luxembourg
Tedesco: Luxemburg – Großherzogtum Luxemburg

 M  [modifica] Repubblica di Macedonia (Repubblica di Macedonia)
Macedone: Македонија – Република Македонија Makedonija – Republika Makedonija
 Madagascar (Repubblica del Madagascar)
Malgascio: Madagasikara – Repoblikan'i Madagasikara
Francese: Madagascar – Republique de Madagascar
 Malawi (Repubblica di Malawi)
Inglese: Malawi – Republic of Malawi
Chewa: Malaŵi – Mfuko la Malaŵi
 Maldive (Repubblica delle Maldive) Divehi Rājje – Divehi Rājje ge Jumhuriyyā
Malese: Malaysia
 Mali (Repubblica del Mali)
Francese: Mali – République du Mali
 Malta (Repubblica di Malta)
Maltese: Malta – Repubblika ta' Malta
Inglese: Malta – Republic of Malta
 Marocco (Regno del Marocco)
Arabo: المغرب – المملكة المغربية al-Maġrib – Al-Mamlakah al-Maġribiyyah
                    Mauritania (Repubblica Islamica della Mauritania)
Arabo: موريتانيا – الجمهورية الإسلامية الموريتانية Mūrītāniyā – l-Jumhūriyyah al-Islāmiyyah al-Mūrītāniyyah
Francese: Mauritanie – République Islamique de la Mauritanie
 Mauritius (Repubblica di Mauritius)
Inglese: Mauritius – Republic of Mauritius
Francese: Maurice – République de Maurice
 Messico (Stati Uniti Messicani)
Spagnolo: México – Estados Unidos Mexicanos
 Micronesia (Stati Federati di Micronesia)
Inglese: Micronesia – Federated States of Micronesia
 Moldavia (Repubblica Moldava)
Moldavo: Moldova – Republica Moldova
 Monaco (Principato di Monaco)
Francese: Monaco – Principauté de Monaco
Monegasco: Munegu - Principatu de Munegu
Mongolo: Монгол Улс Mongol Uls
 Montenegro (Repubblica del Montenegro)
Montenegrino: Црна Гора – Црна Гора Crna Gora – Crna Gora
 Mozambico (Repubblica del Mozambico)
Portoghese: Moçambique – República de Moçambique
 Birmania (Unione di Myanmar)
Birmano: ဴမန္မာ[6] — Myan-ma – Pyi-daung-zu Myan-ma Naing-ngan-daw

 N  [modifica] Namibia (Repubblica della Namibia)
Inglese: Namibia – Republic of Namibia
 Nauru (Repubblica di Nauru)
Nauruano: Naoero – Republik Naoero
Inglese: Nauru – Republic of Nauru
 Nepal (Repubblica Federale Democratica del Nepal)
Nepalese: नेपाल Sanghiya Toktāntrik Ganatantra Nepāl
 Nicaragua (Repubblica del Nicaragua)
Spagnolo: Nicaragua – República de Nicaragua
                    Niger (Repubblica del Niger)
Francese: Niger – République du Niger
 Nigeria (Repubblica Federale della Nigeria)
Inglese: Nigeria – Federal Republic of Nigeria
 Norvegia (Regno di Norvegia)
Norvegese: Norge – Kongeriket Norge / Noreg – Kongeriket Noreg
 Nuova Zelanda
Inglese: New Zealand
Māori: Aotearoa
Oman (Sultanato di Oman)
Arabo: عُمان – سلطنة عُمان ʿUmān – Saltanat ʿUmān
Paesi Bassi (Regno dei Paesi Bassi)
Olandese: Nederland – Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
 Pakistan (Repubblica Islamica del Pakistan)
Urdu: پاکستان – اسلامی جمہوریۂ پاکستان Pākistān – Islami Jumhuriyah Pākistān
Inglese: Pakistan – Islamic Republic of Pakistan
 Palau (Repubblica di Palau)
Paluano: Belau – Beluu er a Belau
Inglese: Palau – Republic of Palau
 Palestina (Stato di Palestina)
Arabo: فلسطين - دولة فلسطين Filastin - Dawlat Filastin
 Panamá (Repubblica di Panamá)
Spagnolo: Panamá – República de Panamá
                    Papua Nuova Guinea (Stato Indipendente della Papua Nuova Guinea)
Inglese: Papua New Guinea – Independent State of Papua New Guinea
Tok Pisin: Papua Niugini – Independen Stet bilong Papua Niugini
 Paraguay (Repubblica del Paraguay)
Spagnolo: Paraguay – República del Paraguay
Guarani: Paraguái – Têta Paraguái
 Perù (Repubblica del Perù)
Spagnolo: Perú – República del Perú
Quechua: Piruw – Piruw Mama Llaqta
Aymara: Piruw – Piruw Suyu
 Polonia (Repubblica di Polonia)
Polacco: Polska – Rzeczpospolita Polska
 Portogallo (Repubblica Portoghese)
Portoghese: Portugal – República Portuguesa
 Qatar (Stato del Qatar)
Arabo: قطر – دولة قطر Qatar – Dawlat Qatar

 R  [modifica] Regno Unito (Regno Unito di Gran Bretagna e Irlanda del Nord)
Inglese: United Kingdom – United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
 Repubblica Ceca
Ceco: Česko – Česká republika
 Repubblica Centrafricana (Repubblica Centrafricana)
Francese: République Centrafricaine
Sangho: Ködörösêse tî Bêafrîka
 Repubblica Dominicana
Spagnolo: República Dominicana
                    Repubblica Sudafricana (Repubblica del Sudafrica)
Inglese: South Africa – Republic of South Africa
Afrikaans: Suid-Afrika – Republiek van Suid-Afrika
Xhosa: Mzantsi Afrika – IRiphabliki yaseMzantsi Afrika
Zulu: Ningizimu Afrika – IRiphabliki yaseNingizimu Afrika
Ndbele: Sewula Afrika – IRiphabliki yeSewula Afrika
Nord Sotho: Afrika-Borwa – Rephaboliki ya Afrika-Borwa
Sotho: Afrika Borwa – Rephaboliki ya Afrika Borwa
Tswana: Aforika Borwa – Rephaboliki ya Aforika Borwa
Swazi: Ningizimu Afrika – IRiphabhulikhi yeNingizimu Afrika
Venda: Afurika Tshipembe – Riphabuḽiki ya Afurika Tshipembe
Tsonga: Afrika Dzonga – Riphabliki ra Afrika Dzonga
Rumeno: România
 Ruanda (Repubblica del Ruanda)
KinyaRwanda: Rwanda – Repubulika y'u Rwanda
Francese: Rwanda – République du Rwanda
Inglese: Rwanda – Republic of Rwanda
 Russia (Federazione Russa)
Russo: Россия – Российская Федерация Rossija – Rossijskaja Federacija

 S  [modifica] Saint Kitts e Nevis (Federazione di Saint Christopher e Nevis)
Inglese: Saint Kitts and Nevis – Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis
 Saint Vincent e Grenadine
Inglese: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
 Samoa (Stato Indipendente di Samoa)
Samoano: Sāmoa – Mālo Tuto'atasi o Sāmoa
Inglese: Samoa – Independent State of Samoa
 San Marino (Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino)
Italiano: San Marino – Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino
 Santa Lucia
Inglese: Saint Lucia
 São Tomé e Príncipe (Repubblica Democratica di São Tomé e Príncipe)
Portoghese: São Tomé e Príncipe – República Democrática de São Tomé e Príncipe
 Senegal (Repubblica del Senegal)
Francese: Sénégal – République du Sénégal
Wolof: Sénégal – République du Sénégal
 Serbia (Repubblica di Serbia)
Serbo: Србија – Република Србија Srbija – Republika Srbija
 Seychelles (Repubblica delle Seychelles)
Inglese: Seychelles – Republic of Seychelles
Francese: Seychelles – République des Seychelles
Seselwa: Sesel – Repiblik Sesel
 Sierra Leone (Repubblica della Sierra Leone)
Inglese: Sierra Leone – Republic of Sierra Leone
 Singapore (Repubblica di Singapore)
Inglese: Singapore – Republic of Singapore
Malese: Singapura – Republik Singapura
Cinese: 新加坡 – 新加坡共和国 Xīnjīapō – Xīnjīapō Gònghéguó
Tamil: சிங்கப்பூர் - சிங்கப்பூர் குடியரசு Ciŋkappūr – Ciŋkappūr Kudiyarasu
                                  Siria (Repubblica Araba di Siria)
Arabo: سورية – الجمهوريّة العربيّة السّوريّة Sūriyah – Al-Jumhūriyyah al-'Arabiyyah as-Sūriyyah
 Slovacchia (Repubblica Slovacca)
Slovacco: Slovensko – Slovenská republika
 Slovenia (Repubblica Slovena)
Sloveno: Slovenija – Republika Slovenija
Somalo: Soomaaliya – Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliya
Arabo: الصومال – جمهورية الصومال As-Sūmāl – Jumhūriyyat aṣ-Ṣūmāl
 Spagna (Regno di Spagna)
Spagnolo: España – Reino de España
 Sri Lanka (Repubblica Democratica Socialista dello Sri Lanka)
Cingalese: ශ්රී ලංකාව -  Sri Lanka – Sri Lankā Prajathanthrika Samajavadi Janarajaya
Tamil: இலங்கை - இலங்கை ஜனநாயக சமத்துவ குடியரசு Llankai – Illankai Chananaayaka Chosalisa Kudiyarasu
 Stati Uniti d'America (Stati Uniti d'America)
Inglese: United States of America
 Sudan (Repubblica del Sudan)
Arabo: السودان – جمهورية السودان As-Sūdān – Jumhūrīyat as-Sūdān
Inglese: Sudan – Republic of the Sudan
 Sudan del Sud (Repubblica del Sudan del Sud)
Inglese: South Sudan - Republic of South Sudan
 Suriname (Repubblica del Suriname)
Olandese: Suriname – Republiek Suriname
 Svezia (Regno di Svezia)
Svedese: Sverige – Konungariket Sverige
 Svizzera (Confederazione Svizzera)
Tedesco: Schweiz – Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft
Francese: Suisse – Confédération Suisse
Italiano: Svizzera – Confederazione Svizzera
Romancio: Svizra – Confederaziun Svizra
 Swaziland (Regno dello Swaziland)
Inglese: Swaziland – Kingdom of Swaziland
Swazi: eSwatini – Umbuso weSwatini
Tagikistan (Repubblica del Tagikistan)
Tagiko: Тоҷикистон – Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон Tojikiston – Jumhurii Tojikiston
 Taiwan (Repubblica di Cina)
Cinese: 中華民國 Táiwan – Jhonghuá Mínguó[7]
 Tanzania (Repubblica Unita di Tanzania)
Swahili: Tanzania – Jamhuri ya Muungano wa Tanzania
 Thailandia (Regno di Thailandia)
Thai: ประเทศไทย – ราชอาณาจักรไทย Prathēt Thai – Rātcha Anāchak Thai
 Timor Est (Repubblica Democratica di Timor Est)
Tetum: Timor Lorosa'e – Repúblika Demokrátika Timor Lorosa'e
Portoghese: Timor-Leste – República Democrática de Timor-Leste
 Togo (Repubblica Togolese)
Francese: Togo – République Togolaise
 Tonga (Regno di Tonga)
Tongano: Tonga – Pule'anga Fakatu'i 'o Tonga
Inglese: Tonga – Kingdom of Tonga
                    Trinidad e Tobago (Repubblica di Trinidad e Tobago)
Inglese: Trinidad and Tobago – Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
 Tunisia (Repubblica Tunisina)
Arabo: تونس – الجمهورية التونسية Tūnis – Al-Jumhūriyyah at-Tūnisiyyah
 Turchia (Repubblica Turca)
Turco: Türkiye – Türkiye Cumhuriyeti
Turkmeno: Türkmenistan
Tuvaluano e Inglese: Tuvalu
  Ucraina (Ucraina)
Ucraino: Україна Ukrajina
 Uganda (Repubblica dell'Uganda)
Inglese: Uganda – Republic of Uganda
Swahili: Uganda – Jamhuri ya Uganda
                    Ungheria (Ungheria)
Ungherese: Magyarország
 Uruguay (Repubblica Orientale dell'Uruguay)
Spagnolo: Uruguay – República Oriental del Uruguay
 Uzbekistan (Repubblica dell'Uzbekistan)
Uzbeko: Ўзбекистон – Ўзбекистон Республикаси O'zbekiston – O‘zbekiston Respublikasi
Vanuatu (Repubblica di Vanuatu)
Bislama: Vanuatu – Ripablik blong Vanuatu
Inglese: Vanuatu – Republic of Vanuatu
Francese: Vanuatu – République du Vanuatu
 Città del Vaticano (Stato della Città del Vaticano)
Latino: Civitas Vaticana – Status Civitatis Vaticanæ
Italiano: Città del Vaticano – Stato della Città del Vaticano
                    Venezuela (Repubblica Bolivariana del Venezuela)
Spagnolo: Venezuela – República Bolivariana de Venezuela
 Vietnam (Repubblica Socialista del Vietnam)
Vietnamita: Việt Nam – Cộng hòa Xã hội Chủ nghĩa Việt Nam

 Y  [modifica] Yemen (Repubblica dello Yemen)
Arabo: اليمن – الجمهوريّة اليمنية Al-Yaman – Al-Jumhūriyyah al-Yamaniyyah
             Zambia (Repubblica dello Zambia)
Inglese: Zambia – Republic of Zambia
                    Zimbabwe (Repubblica dello Zimbabwe)
Inglese: Zimbabwe – Republic of Zimbabwe
Abcasia (Repubblica di Abcasia)
Abcaso: Аҧсны - Аҧснытәи Республика Apsny - Apsnytei Respublika
Russo: Aбхазия - Республика Абхазия Abchazija - Respublika Abchazija
 Azawad (Stato indipendente dell'Azawad)
Francese: Azawad - État indépendant de l'Azawad
Arabo: أزواد - ‎دولة أزواد المستقلة Azawād - Dawlat Azawād al-Mustaqillah
 Cipro del Nord (Repubblica Turca di Cipro Nord)
Turco: Kuzey Kıbrıs - Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyeti
 Kosovo (Repubblica del Kosovo)
Albanese: Kosovës – Republika e Kosovë
Serbo: Косово – Република Косово Kosovo – Republika Kosovo
 Nagorno-Karabakh (Repubblica di Nagorno-Karabakh)
Armeno: Լեռնային Ղարաբաղ – Լեռնային Ղարաբաղի Հանրապետություն Leṙnalin Ġarabaġ – Leṙnayin Ġarabaġi Hanrapetut‘yun
                    Ossezia del Sud (Repubblica di Ossezia del Sud)
Osseto: Хуссар Ирыстон – Республикæ Хуссар Ирыстон Xussar Iryston – Respublikæ Xussar Iryston
Russo: Южная Осетия – Республика Южная Осетия Južnaja Osetija – Respublika Južnaja Osetija
 Somaliland (Repubblica di Somaliland)
Somalo: Soomaaliland – Jamhuuriyadda Soomaaliland
Arabo: ارض الصومال – جمهورية ارض الصومال Ard as-Sūmāl – Jumhūrīyat Ard as-Sūmāl
 Transnistria (Repubblica di Transnistria)
Russo: Приднестровье - Приднестровская Молдавская Республика Pridnestrove – Pridnestrovskaja Moldavskaja Respublika
Ucraino: Придністровя - Придністровська Молдавська Республіка Prydnistrov'ja – Prydnistrovska Moldavska Respublika
Moldavo: Нистря - Република Молдовеняскэ Нистрянэ Nistria – Republica Moldovenească Nistreană
 I am an political, for universal brotherhood: Unius REI.
my ministry UNIVERSAL: and metaphysical. For natural law, and free will, IS on:

I am Unius REI, ie, kingdom of God: in political mode, I am the new "International Monetary Fund", owned by all Governments (for the salvation of Israel, and of the whole human race) and not more: owned by Criminal, Rothschild 666, ie, the Pharisee satanic, for becoming, all his slaves! because he is not happy to sell the interest (which the Bible condemns: and in this crime?, he did all the peoples his servants), but, he also sells: money created, from nothing: the banking seigniorage, pure satanism of Baal Peor MArduk: gods owl idolatry and blasfemy: that is, a sin of murder, genocide, that the Bible does not contemplate why: this our situation today? is a real legal slavery:ie, the betrayal of Freemasonry! is why, I ordered, to saint angels, of killing, all my enemies, here, because my kingdom can not be stopped by anyone!