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"pupa" , beautifull girl

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood

Josef Borrell Mengele Head of European Union foreign policy Josep Borrel and the science of evil
Josef Mengele Borrell Head of EU foreign policy also known as the death angel, he was the coordinator of thousands of experiments at the Auschwitz concentration camp.
send the MOSSAD to get it!

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood

criminal assassin islamic jihad nazi EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell
"The Israelis are not your Jews"
Israel must issue an international arrest warrant!


UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood • 

EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell: "Dear Europe - The Israelis are not your Jews"
if this assassin master and planner of Shoah,
did he really say these criminal words?
we must immediately formally protest with all the ambassadors of the various European nations!
this is apology for genocide!
this criminal must resign immediately!

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood

"occupied Palestinian territory?"
when did a Palestinian nation exist that could be occupied?

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood • 

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrel
while he has a clear idea of the Rothschild sodomitic idea of the European peoples

FuzzyAshkenaz • 
We, the Jewish people as a corporate body need to fight for our birthright with extreme jealousy, as it was promised to us in Genesis 15:18.

Natural Branch 🌿 • 

Beautifully said. This should be posted by its readers on EU pages. I've already done so.

FuzzyAshkenaz Natural Branch 🌿 • 

Europe has been unkind to the Jewish people for 2000 years and their Jew hatred is escalating. The time to reason with them is over, the only thing that can possibly reach them on an individual basis is the power of prophetic warning by the Ruach HaKodesh.

Natural Branch 🌿 FuzzyAshkenaz • 

oh, I agree. I would never suggest reasoning with anti-Semites. Besides, "The Israelis are not your Jews" is not reasoning; it's a bold fact that they need to be told, whether they accept it or not.

Evolution is a Hoax.

Here is an Idea. Israel should do as those wacky Lefties do. call it something else. the garbage man is the sanitary engineer. The over qualified Nurse the health care practitioner.
So what does annexation mean? Instead of annexing the land.... Provide good governance over the land. instead of Annexation provide a legal framework for people living on the land. Instead of re-defining borders. Say you are dissolving borders. Instead of Control call it fair tax reform for all of Israel. Instead of security, call it you are providing safety to local residents from coast to coast. Instead of expropriation of land call it conflict resolution through fair monetary reimbursements. Rather than segregation of Muslim Arabs who cause trouble. Call their expropriation from Israel, repatriation to their common ancestry lands. Instead of moving a mosque out of an area where there is little attendance . Call it protecting Muslim heritage by preserving buildings by relocation.
All of a sudden you do not need to annex anything its done. Some times words get in the way.
start with better security and gov't assistance and buildings. Then with some sales taxes. Maybe some Governance over farm management... Bit by bit take down any type of sign of a border and put up other walls where needed and Poof. its done. It would be a soft soft opening.

Yidith •  
Abituati al mondo: non ci sono più ebrei di corte o ebrei conformi; L'Europa ha ucciso la maggior parte di quelli.
Abituati all'ebreo israeliano: forte, orgoglioso e armato fino ai denti !!!!
Non parliamo di alcun essere umano; Ci inchiniamo solo a ONE !!!! = HaKad

Get used to it world- there are no more court Jews or compliant Jews; Europe murdered most of those.
Get used to the Israeli Jew: Loud, proud, and armed to the teeth!!!!
We don't kowtow to any human; We bow only to ONE!!!!= HaKad
Opinion: Dear Europe – The Israelis are not your Jews
Yidith • 2 hours ago
Get used to it world- there are no more court Jews or compliant Jews; Europe murdered most of those.
Get used to the Israeli Jew: Loud, proud, and armed to the teeth!!!!
We don't kowtow to any human; We bow only to ONE!!!!= HaKadosh Baruch Hu!!!
UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood  Yidith • 2 minutes ago

, beautifull girl.. I never thought you could be too Patriot MAGA

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhoodan hour ago

DAILY RECAP: Netanyahu On Trial; Widow Begs Court: Don't Release Terrorist's Body; More Top News

Freemasons 666 Talmud kabbalah allah agenda

try to bring down a free man, with slander and futile reasons an criminal attempt to destroy his nation
the damage that the state of Israel can suffer? it is a damage incalculable!

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood2 hours ago

it is not very serious
Rothschild said that Italy is a brothel, and that it pays you even if you use the prostitute of the democratic party!
Sbarcano 400 tunisini, sindaco porta tè e pasticcini: “Benvenuti” – FOTO https://voxnews info/2020/05/24/sbarcano-400-tunisini-sindaco-porta-te-e-pasticcini-benvenuti-foto/

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood2 hours ago

Egyptian Sissi forgives the former policeman convicted of killing the pop star
ISLAM is within a paranoid manic criminal agony vortex
and we must kill them all for their sake!

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood2 hours ago

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaks in Beijing on May 24, 2020.
and claims that the United States is pushing relations on the brink of the new cold war.
China (like the ARAB LEAGUE) never had reciprocity with the West .. and the relationship was structurally unfair from the beginning ...
then, the neo liberists acted FED ECB IMF Rockefeller rothschild Kissinger Soros etc. Obama, Democratic Party, etc .. the Freemasonry socialists etc .. who made them two
two menacing giants?
must be put to death for high treason!
however the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi speaks he is right he shouts his innocence .. this was a lynx hidden agenda: kabbalah that was preordained 30 years ago

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood2 hours ago

*** At the start of the trial, AG claims not to be intimidated by Netanyahu's "unfounded" claims
*** Netanyahu opposes "political coup attempt"

*** #Gantz: Netanyahu, who has a right to the presumption of innocence, will have a fair trial
*** #Likud lawmakers lash out against the legal system
an impartial judge? can not tell at the beginning of the process that
Netanyahu's claims are "unfounded" ..
he is like a teacher who at the beginning of the year says that his pupil will be "rejected!

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood3 hours ago

Speaker of the Knesset Yariv Levin said on
Twitter on Sunday, “The day of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s trial
will be remembered as one of the low points of the Israeli legal
DEMO PLUTO GIUDAICO MASSONE UN OCI Riyadh FED IMF ECB NWO SpA coorporation neoliberalism Soros Morgan etc.. Kissinger etc..

voglio far terminare (con shaoh) questa esperienza felice e di successo degli ebrei in Palestina!

I want to end (with shaoh islamic e Kabballah olocaust) this happy and successful Jewish experience in Palestine!

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood3 hours ago

Netanyahu in court: First time prime minister sits in defendant’s chair
there could not be a single nation where such a massacre could have happened
yes they tried against Trump ..
but such a crime has no precedent for all the traitors of the democratic party who have gone to government!


UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood3 hours ago

the lack of parliamentary immunity makes a coup possible:
and this is precisely the case!
Netanyahu in court: First time prime minister sits in defendant’s chair
but the real damage is not against Netanjahu
here we try to suffocate the homeland and the people of Israelis to death too,
the threat is serious
given that it is a threat that comes from the FED IMF NWO ECB.
Parliament must immediately remedy this deadly threat to national security!

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood • 

Terror victim’s widow: Don’t release murderer’s body
we cannot survive all this pain
and all this criminal pathology Erdogan ISIS sharia jihad Riyadh Iran OCI UN

UniusREI🕎Governor brotherhood3 hours ago

chi salverà da Rothschild la mia patria?

Obama Moderate Terrorist Biden

Obama Moderate Terrorist Biden
Jihad Erdogan sharia

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