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funny Gantz is wife of Abbas

Netanyahu challenges opposition leader Gantz to TV debate
king Israel Unius WorldWide •
funny Gantz is wife of Abbas

king Israel Unius WorldWide9 hours ago

the scum of the swamp: the democratic party
It does NOT have a real political project: because it is Rothschild Masonic speculative techno-finance.
so they seek moral blame in TRUMP long before he was president.
and seek in the Nazi judiciary a solution to their criminal thirst for power and devastation of the country!
Former IDF chief of staff Gantz who recently entered politics tweeted: "What happened, Netanyahu? Are you alarmed that there is a date for your confrontation with the prosecution witnesses, so are you getting ready to shoot? Go to court on March 17 and the state of Israel must move forward. "
ok what are the political proposals?
blue and white or the democratic party?
all bullying!

Tiger king Israel Unius WorldWide6 hours ago

Excellent rundown but many won't understand your post.

Don Spilman Tiger5 hours ago • edited

This odd duck has SOME agreeable thoughts now and then but he tries to overwhelm whole articles with garbled screwball gibberish mostly! His elevator never seems to reach the top floor! I find it curious that WIN never seems to mind his weird wandering proselytizing and his believing he is the savior, but deletes any comment I say that they think could possibly be meant as proselytizing, which I do not do because they tell us upfront they do not want that! I can fully understand that.

Tiger Don Spilman • 

LOLOL got it. Well ya know he has some good stuff stashed in there but know what ya mean about getting the snafu with posts while others get a pass. LOLOL

NRApatriot Tigeran hour ago

You of ALL people should know Tiger!!! Israel has as big a problem with leftist as we do here in the states!

Tiger NRApatriot15 minutes ago

I do.

NRApatriot Tiger12 minutes ago • edited

Blessings to you pretty lady! Keep the faith in these perilous days!!! Remember this! Satan can masquerade as an angel of light!!!

king Israel Unius WorldWide Tigeran hour ago

you should not fall into the trap of someone who speaks well of Israel,
why this fake masonic israel by Rothschild?
it is not certain: the Israel that God JHWH wants to see here

Tiger king Israel Unius WorldWide14 minutes ago

OK blocked.

NRApatriot Tiger10 minutes ago

That's not his ONLY modus operandi Tiger but it's fairly easy to figure it's the same FALSE prophet in his other ramblings.

NRApatriot king Israel Unius WorldWidean hour ago

It's exactly as He prophesied it would be in the last days idiot!!! YOU are a FALSE prophet and I KNOW YOUR END!!!

king Israel Unius WorldWide NRApatriot30 minutes ago

how can your mind be demonic?
I am not hostile to the Israeli people, and I am not hostile to any other people on this planet,
but evidently you have never read the Bible:
God JHWH has always cursed usury:
yet all modern peoples were founded on Rothschild usury ...
i know your end !!!

NRApatriot king Israel Unius WorldWide14 minutes ago

YOU are the one demonically influenced FOOL you child of Lucifer!!! You are a certified nutcase who hasn't a clue as to what being born again means!!! Do YOU speak in the unknown tongues of the Spirit??? I've read your insane ramblings and I'm convinced YOU are INSANE!!! What can YOU a FALSE PROPHET tell me, a child of the Living God, born again in Spirit who has studied end times prophecy for more than twenty five years that our actual God has not led me into TRUTH??? Our Lord warned us about false prophets such as you in the last days and lo and behold, here you ARE!!!

king Israel Unius WorldWide NRApatriot7 minutes ago

you can take your religion A SS idiocy to the brothels ... with your friends from the tiger club
where did you read that i am a prophet?
idiot I'm just a rational agnostic politician!

king Israel Unius WorldWide Don Spilmanan hour ago • edited

it is too easy for you: to be a tamer of poor unwary girls ..
and you are just that cowardly criminal, an accomplice Rotschild who hides behind the computer (because the blood of innocent and tormented peoples: it is sweet to his palate)
then and then, pretend to be a fool: and you don't want to face in your fat, that cold blade that is my justice ...
but I have the right medicine for that scum of your level of Enlightened: Rokefeller's family Addams ILLUMINATED Osram: lucifer-allah monoculum on piramid masonic JERK !

king Israel Unius WorldWide Tiger2 hours ago

Don Spilman said that yes he does proselytize for Baal Aru Mazda Rothschild Ja-Bull-On Belfagor Morgan dracula Soros, etc.
so you are his proselyte: his hierodula prostitute in the temple of the Canaanites?
as for me: I promised Rivlin that I will not transport any Jew to Christianity:
and everyone knows that I am a man who always keeps his promises

Tiger king Israel Unius WorldWide2 hours ago

OK now you went off the reservation.

king Israel Unius WorldWide Tigeran hour ago

who is not on the side of Christian martyrs like Don Sputo and Erdogan-Putin?
he's not on the right side of the story!

king Israel Unius WorldWide Tigeran hour ago

who stabs me in the back, an innocent person, together with that well-known Masonic cutout of esoteric rothschild agenda, which is a form of sponge and made Satanism: in Don Spilman; worldwide wear ...
how, can he hope for a good welcome from me?
I didn't come online to be friends with ambiguous people!

T-20004 hours ago

Gantz is saying Israel needs a change. Well, under Netanyahu, the change is happening every day: He opened a door for willing countries to move their Embassies to Jerusalem, he made it possible for the great American President, Donald Trump, to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital. Thanks to his political skills, the US President issued a novel "peace deal of the century" and more and more Muslim countries are turning to Israel to establish,or normalize relationships. If Gantz does not see these changes, he is either blind or (I do not want to say anything offensive of his mental state).

Tiger6 hours ago

The entire world needs leader they have had cowards and look where it got them.

H Shamir7 hours ago

Success is a question of when and where to jump at opportunities. Bibi refused debates in the past. He is offering now. Ganz should take him up on it, proving he can best Bibi on his own ground. Which is exactly the subject upon which the Israeli public is insecure about. Yes it is a diversion for Bibi, but a challenge for Ganz to treasure.

retired22 H Shamir5 hours ago

Gantz can show up & bring Olmert & Abbas as immoral support!

retired224 hours ago • edited

All of the preplanned hits they put together over the last few years to pull down Bibi starting with some ridiculous show trial of Bibi's wife
Over expenditures for Pickles,Knishes & Herrings.They then let her go, as there never was any point to the whole melodrama.
No point other than to dirty the name of the PM in the court of public opinion by attacking his wife.

Next they go after Bibi himself with more inane nonsense about cigars & boxes of candy!
This, while the police do their best to terrorize a Bibi associate with the threat of blackmail into false statements.

These shoddy tactics are 3rd rate imitations of our Deep State in America doing it's Trump & The Russians song & dance.

These are not the tactics of honorable people anyone with a mind would want to hand the power of government to!


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Pwca retired224 hours ago

Absolutely point on! It is so very clear the the same old dirty tricks are in play here as well!


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Don Spilman5 hours ago

Gantz has no platform other than, we need change, where have we heard that before and what were the results. Freaking disaster was the results, that nasty b o almost turned America into a communist nation! Vote Likud and Otzma Yehudit!!!! Be right stay right vote right, that is as in right INSTEAD of WRONG!!!!!


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1PierreMontagne15 hours ago

Gantz is the typical Leftist Kapo Bully - like any Kapo more interested in going after the soft targets of Israeli citizens then going after Israels real enemies. Gantz's pursuit of power is only to offer more land for peace and prosecute and imprison any Israeli Zionists as enemies of the state. Blue and White should be renamed "Kapos against Israel Party"


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Min Dona6 hours ago • edited

Gantz is a coward and is trying to deflect the public from the value of “real debates”!

“What happened GANTZ? You are alarmed there would be a date for YOU to debate and be challenged directly, on the issues- to defend your political actions & reveal your true plans for Israel?”

Cross examination (from fellow candidates) on a debate stage, is true defense, of the truth!


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Nissim Moses7 hours ago

For Once Someone has called Gantze What he is "A Political Coward". He is using all the underhand leftist methods to subvert. He may be a very Brave Warrior but he does not seem to comprehend that those days are over and He has not the Fundamental capability to b a Political Leader still less a Statesman of international Caliber. Gantze has tried to plaster together a coalition of Political RIF Rafs and failures who have less brains than herd of mules.


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Peter3 hours ago

LIBERMAN!!! You have NO chance of becoming the PM so why should/would Netanyahu agree to debate with you??? However Israel would like and should hear Gantz to engage in the debate with Netanyahu if he really wants to lead the country, so that the Israelis can really see the true colours of Gantz and who should really lead Israel!!!!


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NRApatriotan hour ago

Israel listen up!!! You had better reelect Netanyahu or you will be running to Petrus much sooner than you think!!!


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Maurice Han hour ago

Former IDF Chief a coward? Bibi, take the high road and stop sounding like Trump.



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NRApatriot Maurice Han hour ago

You better start thinking about your eternal salvation FOOL!!!


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Rephael Rechitzky6 hours ago

Yes, we need a leader, but not you Bibi, the person who is trying to hide from the law, who does not have respect to the elderly, to the Holocaust survivors, to the people who live in the south of Israel, to gays, to minorities, to young couples, to the Jewish community around the world, to the mentally and physically challenged. You should stand in front of a judge and tell the truth about your crimes against all those people and the monies you took and how you built your fancy house in Caesarea. We want to know it all and so the judges. And...for the sake of all Israelis, I hope they send you to Maasiyahu for a LONG time.



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Min Dona Rephael Rechitzky6 hours ago

Your comments are lies! and very disgusting. Another Democrat hit job that many are absolutely tired of.
Are you jealous of not having a house in Caesarea? Get over it!


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Rephael Rechitzky Min Dona2 hours ago

No, my comments are not lies. This is a criminal and Israel does not need another criminal. His place is in JAIL. As to the house, I don't care he has one, but if it came from monies he received while using his designation as a Prime Minister, it should go to the state. Too bad you don't like it, but this family are ALL corrupted. Just listen to his dirty son and the way his wife treated her employees at home. Too bad, this is a low class family.


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